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Just got myself a bruised and battered 1984 Honda XL 250 R. Or at least I think it is an R as all sideplates are missing and the tank just has Honda on it. The frame number off the RH side of the headstock is MD08-5001849. The ADR sticker on the LH side of the headstock has 01/94 along with all the ADR numbers, however the section where the number is stamped is damaged, such that the seller read the number MD08-5907849. I cannot argue with him as I cannot read it any better than he could!
Here is the thing...I cannot figure out how to get the SEAT off. Looks like there was once a strap across the rear part, there is less discoloration of the red there, but I thought I was looking for some bolt tabs back in that area and cannot find any. So, does the Seat just pop up out of some rubber grommets, or is there another trick to it.
I would be grateful for any help. :imnew:

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Re: G'day

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Just looking at a parts list it appears to be bolted on at the rear?
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