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Work Spaces

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Whatcha got? Mine are kind of tight. Too damn many hobbies.

Tool storage and mechanical doings.
Learned last weekend that I need to swap the vise and truing stand around. Can't do bicycle hub repair when the hub is surrounded by a rim. :doh:

Electronics fiddling, soldering, intricate stuff, and beer drinking area.
I'm located in kind of a weak signal area for radio. As such, I can only receive one local station clearly, and it's a classic rock station with a 12 song playlist. Until 7pm, when Alice Coopers' syndicated show comes on. Soooo, satellite radio over the laptop most of the day. There's a new 0-15vdc/1A power supply hidden behind the laptop screen. Those LED lights will blind you, too. Don't ask how I know.


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