Hey all!

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Real Name: Kjell harald
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Hey all!

Post by NeedFulArt »

Hey !

Always loves the intruduceing part :)
Anyways my name is kjell harald so you guys/girls women/men can call me that if you like.
I'm 23 years old, Always loved cars, bikes etc (things with engine )

Iv'e gotten my first bike few days ago so im a complete :idiot: But im now trying to put this together as i got it as a project. :wtf:

Other than that i love diffrent kinds of music, computers.

My favorite bands are like "Epica" "Luna Obscura" "whyzdoom" "coronatus" etc
I dont think you guys really like my music here so ill just go have a seat with the other :idiot: 's

And.. thats pretty much all......

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Re: Hey all!

Post by cheeseheadmike »

Hi Kjell, we all have to start somewhere. The beginning is a usually a good place.

I've been wrenching most of my life and I've almost gotten good at it. You get better by making A LOT of mistakes, but only if you learn from them (My junk pile is impressive). :slapbackofhead: With these older bikes, you sometimes need to get creative, though. I don't know much about Kaws, but most things work the same on all of them and Kaws seem pretty popular here.

Never heard of any of those bands. I'm fond of most stuff from Johnny Cash to Kraftwerk, with some Greig, Ravel, Muddy Waters, and Leningrad Cowboys thrown in to keep it interesting. :think:

BTW, my Great Grandfather came to the US from Stavenger. :wink:



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Re: Hey all!

Post by Zeek »


I'm a bit of a trendsetter with J. Williamson, D.Purple and Monkeytin on the playlist. :lol:
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Re: Hey all!

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hey every one
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Re: Hey all!

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hey all
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